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Mike and Jerry McLennan first saw a combined driving vehicle at Paul and Sue De Brantes' farm in the Loire valley of France in 1986. Paul, one of the founders of the modern sport and rules organizers, was instrumental in getting the McLennan’s hooked on the sport. Mike likes the fact that the thrill lasts two or three days as opposed to a cutting competition of only 40seconds in a 2.5 minute go round. He had been a cutting horse judge for fifteen years at the time he began driving, when he wasn't busy in oil and gas exploration with Zapata Offshore Company, and his own Ascent Oil & Gas Corp.

Since 1967, Mike and Jerry have been breeders of cutting and reining bred quarter horses, but now have bred some of those performance mares to Friesian stallions to develop their "Texas Cobs" as Nigel Casserley and Jeff Morgan call them, and have been to two World Pairs Championships in Europe as representatives of the United States. More recently they have had success placing near the top in FEI qualifying shows with their cow bred four in hand for the Alltech 2010 World Equestrian Games to be held in Lexington, Kentucky.

Mike is the only living person to have driven a legendary gun fighter to his burial Wild Bill Longley.

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